By Laurie
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Garnet 3mm
Garnet 3.5mm, 1
Garnet 3.5mm
Garnet 4mm
Garnet 4-5mm Faceted
Garnet 6mm
Garnet 6mm Faceted Grade "A"
Grossular Garnet 7mm
Garnet 10mm
Grossular Garnet 10mm Grade "AB"
Grossular Garnet 13mm Grade "AB"
Grossular Garnet 14mm Grade "AB"
8" Strand Hessonite Garnet 4x3 Faceted Rondelle
Hessonite Garnet 4x3 Faceted Rondelle
Garnet 3x3 Rondelle
Garnet 4x4 Faceted Rondelle
Isreali Garnet 2x3 Faceted Rondelle
Orissa Garnet 2x4 Faceted Rondelle
Garnet 7x5 Rondelle
Garnet 5x7 Faceted Bean
Grossular Garnet 2x6 Faceted Wheel
Grossular Garnet 6x3 Faceted Wheel
Grossular Garnet 7x3 Faceted Wheel
Grossular Garnet 9x4 Faceted Wheel
Garnet 4x6 Flat Oval
Garnet 4mm Faceted Flat Square
Garnet 4x5 Faceted Flat Diamond
Garnet 5mm Faceted Flat Coin
Garnet 5x5 Faceted Flat Pear
Garnet 5x6 Faceted Flat Diamond
Garnet 5x7 Faceted Flat Pendulum
Garnet approx 5x7 Flat Shapes
Garnet approx. 3x6 Faceted Tube
Grossular Garnet 5x8 Faceted Tear Drop
Garnet 4x8 Bicone
Garnet 5x7 Faceted briolette
Hessonite Garnet approx 4x4 Cube
Garnet approx 4x6 Rectangle
Garnet approx 8x4 Side Drill Diamond
Garnet 5x6 Triangle
Garnet 3x4 Faceted Pear
Garnet 20mm Organic Donut by the Piece
9" Strand Grossular Garnet 5x7 Faceted Cushion
Grossular Garnet Faceted Mixed Shape Nuggets
Grossular Garnet approx 14x18 Nugget by the Piece
Grossular Garnet approx 18x23 Nugget by the Piece
Garnet 10x14 Faceted Nugget
Garnet 10x14 Faceted Nugget by the Piece
Garnet approx 12x13 Faceted Natural Nugget by the piece